Implode! Unleash your inner Demolition Man

Implode! is the new game by the creators of Zombie Attack and Toy Bot series IUGO. Implode is a physics game where you take the role of explosions engineer to demolish a number of buildings. You will have the help of your friend the dynamite and some TNT barrels that will make the job easier. As in any job, your boss will be checking carefully the amount of explosives you use and damage done to nearby buildings. 



The game has six different levels that increase difficulty as you progress is your explosive career: Beginner, Trainee, Worker, Planner, Journeyman and Craftsman. Every level has 10 projects that differ slightly. You will be introduce to more complex techniques and materials as you progress. The first levels are more of a tutorial that you can replay. 

Your boss will rate your work looking at various factors and will pay you a fee depending on: Explosion points, Height bonus, Unused bombs and difficulty chosen. Unlike real demolitions, in Implode! you can "Retry" levels to obtain a higher score.  This is in fact the real challenge of the game, since I finished all the game in two days. 



Implode! is graphically appealing. The chalk and backboard theme works as well in the platform as the numerous doodle games in the App Store. What I'm missing here is a certain extra or story or plot or explanation. You're simply thrown at the "green blueprints" to place your dynamite. If I see characters drawn there, who are they. In that aspect, Implode lets down, since bombing buildings is fun, but playing to earn more money is not if you can't use it for anything. 

The game design could be improved adding a "replay" or "go back" button, so you can learn from your mistakes, or simply replay and replay demolitions. There is a lot of loading screens for such a tiny game. Something like iBlast Moki could do. 

I really hope that IUGO brings some updates and makes this an excellent game. I have signed up to IUGO Vip, but I'd reather see this with OpenFeint and Plus+, so the scores become more relevant. It has the potential, but as it is can only compete in the $1 app range. Physics games are pushing hard this holiday season and there are better free ones (perhaps not so original) but as fun as this is. 


More Implode! screenshots here