Friday Garage sale at the App Store


This Friday many applications and games are going on sale. With the numerous amount of new apps and games being released close to the Holiday season, some devs decide that it's time to reduce price to attract savvy iphone freaks and garage sale hunters. 

This is a list of the apps  on sale that might be worth looking:

  • Konami titles have been discounted precisely with the release of major FPS and RPG games lately. If you have an US iTunes account, Metal Gear Solid Touch and Silent Hill have been around for a while, might not be perfect but at this price... Konami has also reduced the price for Krazy Kart Racing, if you like Mario Kart clones. All three at $0.99 / £0.59.

  • Classic in the Mac platform, Pangea is dropping to the minimum one of it's most successful franchises. $0.99 / £0.59 for Enigmo 2.

  • For classics you'll need to get in skin of Robert Foster in the old school puzzle adventure hit now on the iPhone Beneath a Steel Sky for $0.99 / £0.59

  • Glenn Corpes has  managed to create a futuristic racing game that has many gamers addicted. Ground Effect is a brand new game that teases you at $0.99 / £0.59.

  • Finger Physics, which has been in the store for three months and now with this sale people like me have noticed its existence. Different puzzles to complete in a fun game similar to Topple. This one is now free.

Enjoy the Friday sale and have a good weekend