Five qualities of a great iPhone app according to GAP



Retailers spend a fortune each year promoting their brands in all sorts of venues, and now many are turning their sights to the creation of an iPhone app to bring brand awareness to the most popular smartphone in the world.

Clothing retailer Gap, for instance, is mulling an iPhone app to get people interested in its products. Gap teamed with Mobclix, an operator of a mobile ad exchange marketplace, to come up with a contest to find out what a good Gap-branded iPhone app might look like.

The contest attracted some 400 iPhone app developers—many from Mobclix’s network—who jumped at the opportunity to develop an app for a well-known brand, as well as have a shot at winning a $1,000 Gap certificate and $1,000 Mobclix advertising package. Developers, of course, also hoped that winning would lead to a little publicity and a chance to rise from the crowded iPhone app developer space.