Cut the Drama: Andrew Bednarz on Apple rejections


To summarize the full story that I see, it goes something like this:

  • Apple publishes the rules for making iPhone Apps, including publishing and documenting the specific APIs which developers are allowed to use.

  • Some developers ignore these rules and make use of Private APIs. Some Apps get through the cracks in the newly functioning App Store review procedures.

  • Apple starts to crack down on private API usage. Developers who get rejected due to Private API use cry foul “Why are WE rejected but THOSE apps are allowed?” This was a fair question.

  • In response Apple says “They shouldn’t have been allowed, we are working on a way to fill up the cracks in the system”

  • Apple then goes ahead and fill the cracks with an automated (and thus unbiased) system to test of private API usage.

  • Developers then cry foul, “It’s not fair, you’re a bully, it’s too hard.”

Cry me a river….

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