Slime Volleyball + iPhone = Addiction. Volley review in appfreakblog

Ever heard of Pikaball RoundSlime Volleyball? That was a very simple game where two Pikachus would play volleyball at a crazy speed. This time around, and with much less pixelated graphics comes "Volley" from TAPelicious. With beautiful 2D scenarios as background and with two slime blobs with no hands, you're left with your head and jump to will the volleyball game. 


The controls are correct. Slide with one finger and jump with the other. It couldn't be easier, but sometimes I wish I could slide over all the left side and not only over the bar. Work out your own strategies and be prepared to adapt them to your rivals. As you progress in the game, enemies get tougher and tougher. 


Volley has one of my best features in game. It's so simple and quick that it gets addictive. When a game can last for 1 minute or 1 second, it keeps me coming. If you're looking for a casual game that you can quickly play in a 3 min break, try this. I won't stop until I defeat the last blob!

Let's hope that the developer adds more game options, multiplayer, gaming network integration and even some other sports. Soon a Youtube video about it