Libra balance will get you tilting all the way


Libra balance, the physics game by Naroly Nyisztor is yet another great example about the use of accelerometer in the iPhone. Used both in apps and games, we have experienced already driving a car in a game steering our iDevice. Here the developed has managed to recreate a physics in a remarkable way with the use of the internal accelerometer. 



In Libra you are in control of a round platform that you can tilt to your convenience. The aim of the game is to put though a hole all the balls that are rolling on top of the platform. As the game goes, platforms will have more complex structures and different surface types, slopes and decorations. 



As you can imagine, controlling the five balls at the same time is rather complicated. You'll have to predict the course of a ball while keeping the others in balance. If you are careful enough, you can manage to keep the balls in the platform, otherwise they'll fall out. More balls will be thrown to the top, replazing the previous ones. Work out your strategy and you will get through. Some levels where tricky and this game kept me going. The fact that you don't get a "game over" type of screen helped me to progress and try different techniques to balance the platform. 



For the graphical aspect, it is not up my street. I try to be objective here and I can see the effort put on it. I have red early reviews and they are thankful for the responsive attitude of the dev. However, the yellow and black from a construction site, the colors used, the galactic and skate park mix don't work for me. On the other hand, the icon is well crafted and it's very pleasing to the eye on the iPhone screen. I only hoped the game graphics would have those golden colors and same level of shine and refinement.



On a good side, Libra balance has social integration using the Agon network. It is nice to see that more and more games are bringing this sort of connectivity, which I always appreciate and guess it makes all the difference. 

I strongly recommend downloading the free Libra version and give it a go. I don't see it as a finished game and hopefully will progress further. If you like games that use accelerometer and mini golf, this might be just right for you.