The App Store cheaper than Android and Blackberry equivalents

This week many tech sites have been using data from a whitepaper from the Dutch firm Distimo. If you've red any post about which app type works better with in-app purchase, the data came from the four page report. 

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The chart that struck me most is the app price evolution comparing Android and Blackberry. Well, I don't follow to that extent the app world for other platforms, and I was certainly impressed with those figures. The App Store prices start at the 59p-1$ mark, while Android and Blackberry market their apps at a higher starting point. I do think this has to do with the high amount of competition in Apple's Store and the time it has been opened. If you see the chart the average iPhone app price at the beginning was three times the current 1$. But what about same apps and games selling in different stores? Think different! Different pricing applies.

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