Reeder - Sweet RSS reader to sync, save and manage them all

Reeder is the new RSS feed reader from Silvio Rizzi. There are many good applications that offer Google Reader syncronisation, but is Reeder app to standard? Is Reeder just an aesthetic mimic or does its functionalities rock? Or what is more important... can Reeder beat established top apps in this category? For the last three weeks I have been testing Reeder and have provided feedback during the last step of development. This is my review of Reeder.



Reeder uses Google Reader to download and sync your feeds. That of course includes notes and other attributes you want to add (notes, sharing,... ). After setting up your Reader account, you'll be welcomed to the main screen that shows your "Unread count". It took me a while to get it, but the circle symbol means unread. With the star icon, Reeder jumps to your starred items.



Reeder breaks down all your feeds and present them in different tabs that I find very useful: Unread, Starred and Notes. After that you will have the Feed list that contains unread items, followed by the groups you have setup in your Google Reader. 





The feed view presents the articles as you would expect. The unread ones will be in bold and you will get the first two lines of it in there. Favicons are supported and are featured in lists and menubar. The tick button will mark all items read, nice, and combining this tool with folders can be really handy.  So far, nothing new. 





I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the feed item. Media included is displayed and fully playable. Good news. The presentation is useful and doesn't clash with the look of the app, since pictures are framed and Youtube links have a small preview box. The title is framed in a bubble and users can access the web article tapping on it.



The social aspect of Reeder was considered and Silvio added more and  more sharing services to the app in the last weeks. You can bookmark with del.ici.ous, save for later with Instapaper and ReadItLater and the option to mail as a link or the full thing. I must confess that I have posted to Posterous  thorugh the email article feature and it was neat and kept all the formatting. 

Aesthetically is very polished. One of the nicest touches is the "Sync bar" that actually blends with the UI sitting where the operator and battery icon are. The icon is simple and predictable but neat. I guess Silvio didn't want to take risks there but it gives an idea of RSS feed, folder, and favourites for the star. I have to admit that I was sold with the texturing of the menubars, it is not simple back, and the backgrounds, texts, links, and whole creamy look I find it superb. 

If you want to get the best of Reeder, go to the settings section and tune it to your likes. I realised that the app was snappier if I only sync unread items, since I have ridiculous loads (600-1000) of them to read. If you need the unread count icon badge, you'll find it there. I also have chosen to never keep read items with a small font size for better results. 

From my point of view, Reeder has to fight its right to be up there with Mobile RSS and Byline, but it is definitely a great app that would be perfect with Twitter and Facebook integration. 


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