Little Snapper

Little Snapper, the RealMac Software  companion to the desktop application with the same name is now free for a limited time. The Brighton studio is known for their blog publishing app Rapid Weaver and lately for Little Snapper and the social sharing site Ember. If you know them already, needless to say that everything they touch comes with a beautiful design and have won top ratings from MacUser and Macworld for instance.



Little Snapper for the Mac allows you to take screenshots, web capture and editing options. Sadly, the iPhone companion does not include any editing mode (or its not as straight forward as it could be). With your iPhone you'll be able to upload your pics to Ember within a nice refined interface, but this is it. Ok, you can add a description, tags and ratings. Although it is free for a limited time, there are other applications, like Photoshop, that allow the user to edit and upload, something that won't be possible in Little Snapper. It is a nice app, but this time it feels like they didn't take it as far as they could have. 

  • Share an image: you can upload images using the Ember website, or use a desktop application such as LittleSnapper.

  • Browse and favourite images: our categories allow you to find stunning images that inspire you, favourite them and share them.

  • Start following some folks: click the follow button on a users homepage and keep track of inspiration shared by other users! New images from people you follow will show up on your dashboard.