Tweetie Reloaded: An Interview with Loren Brichter | unraveled

Tweetie 1 for iPhone set the standard for a simple yet powerful Twitter client, garnering the attention of both A-list tweeters and Apple, winning an Apple Design Award at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Tweetie 2 raised the bar once again, providing a slew of new features wrapped inside an elegant interface.

One feature common to all Twitter clients is “reload,” allowing users to load the latest tweets. Tweetie handled this particular feature differently from the beginning. I talked to Tweetie’s creator, Loren Brichter, about how this feature evolved and his perspectives on designing gestural interfaces.

Joshua Kaufman: Tapping a button to reload was generally accepted as a standard within the iPhone interface. What made you explore the refresh interaction in Tweetie 1?

Loren Brichter: Necessity is the mother of all invention. Looking back to Tweetie 1, I was in this position where my navigation bar was already filled up. On the left side was the “Accounts” back button which would take you back to the accounts list (Tweetie 1 was the first app with a sensible multiple accounts implementation). On the right side was the compose button.