Cooking app Cookmate to be released in 5 weeks

UPDATED 1/12/09: Cookmate has been submitted.

Cookmate, the name of the application has a a brand new website with a count down clock for the release date. The website does not offer much more information and all I'm writing here are my own assumptions, that might not correspond with this mysterious app. The iPhone even has a interrogation mark! Please anyone from the beta leave me a hint ;)


I'm assuming it is a cooking application (the name can't get me wrong). It remains to be seen if it is a reference guide, a recipe repository, something like jamie oliver's app (1# UK Lifestyle). Who knows. All I hope is that it is not vaporwave, sorry, steamware. It's looking good, both websites have very nice design, close to iconfactory's or tapbot's level.

If I manage to get a dev copy I'll kep you updated about it.