Hour changing - Quick tip for Mac and iPhone users

This weekend the clocks are going backwards to prevent the "waste of daylight". Quick tip for Mac and iPhone users. 


For your iPhone OS is pretty simple, jus select your city name in Settings>General>Date and Time, This should be enough and your iPhone should autoatically change the  clock for you. 

For the Mac the process is a bit trickier but very similar. Go to the Pref Pane and choose System and Date and Time. You can also access this menu clicking on the time and date in the menu bar. With Leopard and Snow Leopard, you can set the city where you are for your Mac to calculate your timezone and drop a pin in a nasa map. (this is not so great, ask a guy like me travelling in Europe trying to guess wether the pin is set right or somewhere else. Search will do.


You only need to tell your iPhone and Mac your location and enjoy your Sunday with one hour less of sleep.