Fonera 2.0n in the UK - First impressions

FON is the company founded by Martin Varsavsky that produces wireless routers to help people share their WiFi Internet service and access others around the world. Fon is not a ISP, it uses what you already have at home to amplify it and use it as a hotspot

It doesn't stop there: Fonera is a small NAS, that can perform different actions independently from your computer. Fonera is indeed the first independent gadget that I own. While you go to work or school, fonera is at home doing geeky things for you, using your broadband while your not at home. This means that you don't have to leave your PC on all day and night to upload a video, download via Rapidshare or Megaupload, and even download torrents.  Of course, you can plug any device and share it over the network, including hard drives. Other features are in development.


Fonera 2.0n is a new upgrade on the previous model Fonera 2.0g. has greater WiFi range among other goodness. Specs here. Now it's black and green to remind us that it helps to reduce energy used.

When I received my Fonera 2.0n to my address in London, I wasn't very impressed with the packaging. Not only that, but apparently they couldn't manage to include a UK plug for the fonera and decided to include a travel power adaptor. Martin Varsavsky was cool enough to reply via twitter. Very nice touch. 

I don't want to go very deep in how to set it up because I'm not an expert. I plugged the fonera to the power socket and a ethernet cable (included) to my O2 Thomson WiFi router. That was easy.


Once the equipment is ready, you can see that your Wifi network is still there. You are able to use it with the same password. No need to set up anything. Then you have two other networks coming from the fonera: Private (My Place in my case) and FON_FREE (Public). The private one is for you to use, obvious, and through it you can access the fonera control panel, the dashboard. The public network can be used to share your WiFi for free or not. 


To access the Fonera Dashboard just type http://fonera, your private network password and username admin and you're in. 

This are my first impressions on the fonera. I have tried some of the features and so far Transmission is working fine. If there is interest I will write about it.