Twitter trends, spam and Google Wave

When I heard the news about Google Wave I was utterly confused with the excitement about the news. Two questions came to my mind: Why haven't I been invited? Who can invite me? 

Back in 2003 I got a Google Mail invitation when I was using Hotmail. I had never heard of that service and the most you could think of Google bringing something new would be Blogger. But something created from them? Not something they fancied and signed a cheque. Not something to gain terrain or to keep Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple or themselves away. It was proper good. 2Gig 'unlimited capacity' Could you believe it? To give you an idea of the magnitude, the iPod photo was selling at the time with 40GB.


When I heard the news about Google Wave I was utterly confused with the excitement about the news. Two questions came to my head. Why haven't I been invited? Who can invite me? I quickly remembered the person that gave me my first Gmail invite, but he hadn't. I asked everyone, but everyone else was on the same quest. The early adopter syndrome was there and Twitter was the only resource left. I searched, I looked, and I found.

Then I got 10 invites to share. Some went to friends and family (and people that never used their gmailskitchmacheistspotify and now wave invites much). Then I realised that I could give back the love to Twitter. I wanted to share the invites with people to interact with, that would be readers of, followers or big big fans of iphone apps. For these people I wanted to prepare a giveaway using twitter as main tool. 

It has been proved to be fantastic. On the first day I got so many requests that I ran out of invites. Now the hype is all gone (until we hear about Google submitting their official app to Apple)


I have been criticised for it, but the aim of 'spamming' was to pump this initiative. Google Wave was a big trending topic in the first of October and now has faded. In the future I will invite people by request or then give invites to people just one day. I'm thinking of solutions to stop 'spamming' with promotional / giveaway content. I have red some posts  to get to a solution but so far, nothing.

I'm thinking the best way would be to interact with the comments on, but since it's linked to twitter, it is the same. At least there is a place where readers can see previous comments easily. Perhaps using RSS for more loyal appfreaks? What do you think?

What is sure is that there are going to be more giveaways this weekend!