World of Goo: Pay-What-You-Want Birthday Sale Results


I kept this one in Instapaper for a while. 2D Boy came to the iPhone news arena with the announcement that they are developing a app of their award winning and massively fun 'World of Goo'.

This article posted in the studio's blog explains the result of their Happy Birthday sale, were you could buy the game paying pretty much whatever you wanted. Similar to Radiohead's album download scheme.

The graphics include info about price paid, sales timeline and even a poll about desired price and price paid. Everything has good comment about profitability, owner's cut and issues with the server.

This reminds me of this tweet from last week:

appfreak I got @2dboy World of Goo in their "pay whatever you think it's worth" week

7 days ago from Tweetie

If you haven't done yet, I suggest you grab a copy while you can!