Inspirational app - Life guidance and motivation with his Hoffness

Ever felt alone, lost, needing the right direction? Have you been afraid to ask before? Someone know what it feels and knows that there are many iPhone users out there as well. If it wasn't enough with "The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay" or "Meet The Hasselhoffs", now you have all the advice you need from David Hasselhoffs in your pocket. 

Accessing to a pandora box of wisdom from The Hoff himself is now simple. Launch app, ask your question and shake your baby. It's like a spiritual guide Shazam. The application will understand you query, send it to the Never odd or even servers where the Hoff answers personally the phone with a sentence for you to meditate about. Some users have complained that it sounds like an app with pre-recorded messages that keep repeating too often and don't make much sense. Some iTunes reviewers say it is an impersonator. The Hoff has said that it might be an impersonator as well. 


This review is not serious in the last paragraph and I hope you all understand this sort of humor. See the screenshots for more info.


Here is a screenshot gallery. Video soon in youtube, but I hope you get the idea. "Ask the Hoff" is a fun little application to enjoy with friends and have some Knight Rider jokes. You can get the Ask the Hoff in the App Store. I have been invited to review this app by KRAPPS