Fake iPhone nano updated: A lesson learned


This made the news for a day some time ago. The little iPhone nano. Yesterday after the keynote I remembered about it


In the past December all the hype was with the "imminent release" iPhone nano. I was on vacation in Spain and spotted what appeared to be a chunky iPhone. It was indeed a knock-off of the iPhone with less functions (other than the obvious). There was something remarkable about this cheap fake in the middle of that bazaar. This iPhone was tiny! I even wanted to buy it ;)

I took this picture, submitted it to flickr and send the link to several rumor sites and blogs. I thought it could be funny how this picture would be relevant with the current Google Trends. Here is a graphic where you can see the impressive increase in the second week of December. Notice that this indicates the search of "iphone nano" and not "iphone" alone.


After New Year's Eve I checked my flickr visits and I could not believe it. The picture appeared linked at the end of a MacRumors articles, the picture was used in forums and blogs for illustration purposes.


In black my flickr stats for the same period. It peaks on the 30th with 8.000 views on that day. Google's graph is not to scale, but it is only made to spot that one week of high interest. I believe the first days is when I put the word out, and later on is through referencing. 

I'm posting this to hope that I can share this kind of interesting stuff and if possible help some people out there. A lesson learned.