Snake game comes back with the iPhone with space theme and OpenFeint treatment


Star Snake ★ ★ ★ from developer Daigo Wakabayashi is finally out for the joy of the classic snake game, one of the first interactive games in mobile phones. Who doesn't remember the Nokia version? In Star Snake you are set in a Galaxy far far away and you command a starship. The aim of the game is to collect as many shiny stars as possible without crashing your ship. There is a trick. Every time you collect a star, it will be stored, making your vessel longer. 

This new take on the classic snake game allows the developer to include some modern animations and light games keeping the retro look. The background is as expected a space shot, but it is a shame that it doesn't change or move, it is the same picture again and again. The game controls are simple and clear, but we have only one control option: Buttons. They are well designed and place, and along with the topbar it gives the game a dark UI feel.

This type of game has only one mode, what we could call survival mode. You can set the difficulty to easy, medium or hard. The hardest made the gameplay faster and it is recommended. As simple as this gets, adding a social element such as OpenFeint integration, the result can be very good fun. 


If you are a retro gamer or just feel nostalgic and want to play the good ol' snake, this is for you. Space nerds might want to check it out. With the drawbacks no game levels at all, no control setup and current price I give it 3 ★ ★ 


There are some other alternatives for this kind of game like Snake GalaxyOmNomNom or  RoboSnake 3D