On the paid upgrade path (via Majic Jungle Blog)

With the upcoming release of Tweetie 2, a number of people have been talking about paid upgrades on the App Store.

If you don’t believe that upgrade pricing would be a complication, imagine trying to use iTunes Connect to wire up what version to what version costs what. Imagine trying to decipher the sales reports. Imagine what would happen if a user bought your update for 99c then told their mate it was 99c, but the mate sees it for $2.99. How are the cheaper prices going to be advertised in iTunes? If it displays only the full price is there any point? If it displays both, what does that mean? If it displays the cheaper upgrade price, will the user know it’s cheaper, and why? Do they care?

I couldn't agree more with Chopper dev feelings. The App Store is certainly going to change with in-app store purchases, and the only way will be to adapt ourselves.