Four delicious screenshots from Starbucks app (US store only)

I bumped accross this Starbucks app in the US store and I was shocked by its interface. The duo brown+green is not very usual in apps for the iPhone. The theme wouldn't make much sense in other situations, but green is the corporate color of the Coffee chain. 


 The store detail view shows a mini location map with a green pin, the text appears over some sticky tape and further information is displayed in folders. Now, look at the menubar on bottom and see those icons. Very nice contrast of minty green and black.




 Paragraphs are displayed over a brown coffee bag texture background with shadowed text. Look at those cute coffee beans...


 The drink I created is not so neat, but you get the idea. You can choose your favourite coffee and see how it's going to look like, customizing it with extras and toppings of all kind. You can actually scroll that white stripe that will take you through the different categories.