2009 - The year appfreak said hello

A new year has started and everyone is making up their resolutions. I'm going to use this space today to tell you about myself, my appfreak character and this blog and how it has been this last year. I warn you I'm turning the "boring grandpa mode" on!
In June last year a tweet came out of my iPhone announcing a price drop for Hero of Sparta. That was the beginning of my virtual alter ego "appfreak". Appfreak was invented as a pseudonym to share with the world all the ideas and thoughts related with the app world without boring friends and family. Since I spent a reasonable amount of time reading about iPhone,commenting on websites, scanning the AppStore for good deals, and lurking forums, it was time to raise my voice and join the conversation. Well, some may see it as making public my addiction. 
For me there has been a moment when I switched from following to having followers. The 140 characters weren't enough and decided to open my Posterous deciding to invest money and time in the appfreak project. My aim? To take the initiative and express myself. What has happened? I have met developers, iDevice owners, had great conversations and discussed about the most irrelevant things... for some. In 2009 opening a blog has helped me to keep up my attitude and to come out of the geekyness closet, being proud of it. 
Back in 2006 I started a huge project, a massive piece of research linking the impact of the iPhone in our lives with Social Media. It was a difficult bid, since the phone wasn't out yet and there wasn't any social sciences paper yet relating behavior changes through a consumer technology product with the evolution in use of web tools. In 2009 that would be called cloud computing.  That got me my masters degree and the word iPhone would be linked to me all this time. I have been following you, I have only spoken now. 
"It was time to raise my voice and join the conversation. Well, some may see it as making public my addiction"
This blog has been a project from this time and has helped me to reinforce my confidence, help me to move on and find a better one where new technology, media and the iPhone play an important role. 
Thanks to all readers, followers, appfreaks, lurkers, n00bs, developers, publishers friends and family for supporting the initiative. I hope you all have a productive and successful 2010
To finish, I'll post some figures about my geeky appfreak activities. I'm sure it will be fun to look at this in the future. 
October 2009
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November 2009
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Soosiz - The iPhone platformer got featured in the AppStore
Reeder - Sweet RSS reader to sync, save and manage them all
December 2009
The AppStore ratings scam. How the commitment of the app community kicked out developer
Molinker on AppStore scam: "We don't know what's wrong so far"
Maps, the Apple way. Four ideas to improve user experience in the iPhone
Cookmate Review - This is cooking for lazy geeks
CreepyTown - A spooky line drawing brickbreaker
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