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App Freak is a blog that publishes detailed articles and reviews for iOS fans and iPhone and iPad owners. We seek to offer the less newsworthy and more personal perspective about the apps and games that could make your life a little bit better.

The site was launched in August 2009 by the self declared geek Julen (the editor who turns into a purple furry creature when he gets home). We are based in London, UK, although we receive collaborations and love meeting like-minded people around the world.

Our goal is to highlight those perfectly executed, simple ideas that so often get buried by mediocrity in the App Store.



Review policy

As a proud member of the Organization for App Testing Standards (O.A.T.S) we pledge to maintain editorial independence, originality and accuracy.

  • The apps reviewed on this site may be provided by developers, publishers or PR representatives for free. Some apps and games are also purchased directly from the App Store but the review process is always the same regardless.

  • We don't accept any type of payment, including advertising, to feature, promote or change editorial content in any way.

  • Every product is thoroughly tested to express the editor's own opinion. Reviewer recommendations are not final and might change as the developer addresses criticisms or adds new content and features with future updates. 

Disclosure: As an iTunes affiliate, every time you click on an App Store Link and buy an app, I receive a commission which helps running this site. 

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