What happens when you are blocked on Viber?

Being blocked by somebody on Viber is not the end of the world. It just means that you will be prevented from contacting each other directly using the Viber app on mobile. You won’t be able to message each other using private conversations, add to a new group or make or receive calls from a blocked contact or from someone who has blocked you.

Unlike other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, you still will be able to see a lot of each other’s activity and account information. According to the Viber support document on the topic, blocked contacts will not see any new changes on your account once they have been blocked. This applies to your profile picture, however, you get to see any image downloaded before the actual blocking. This is quite a change from how we understood the feature worked one year ago when it launched. Back then it seemed like blocked users could see the latest changes in profile pictures, however, this is no longer the case according to Viber’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Your profile information will be visible to the blocked contact if you were saved in their contact list before the block, but they will not see any changes made to that information.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, all the restrictions on Viber blocked contacts are not applicable in Group Chats. If you are both part of a group, you will see each other’s messages. That’s right — blocking only affects direct communication between you two and not when you are messaging a group.

When a blocked user messages you they will not receive any error and nothing should indicate that you have blocked them. Although they will be able to send you messages, you will never receive them and they will not get a message status update with ‘Delivered’ or ‘Seen’.

Control your privacy options

The latest Viber version allows users to control their privacy options to control the information they share with non-blocked contacts. You can find these options tapping on the ‘More’ button → Settings → Privacy. The three first options allow you to manage the information you want to make public about your Viber activity.

Here you can disable sharing your ‘online’ status, which you can only toggle every 24 hours. Send ‘Seen’ Status allows you to hide others ‘Seen’ status from you. The Share ‘Using App’ status does the same for Viber’s apps and games. Since blocked users never receive a ‘Delivered’ or ‘Seen’ confirmation, you may want to apply this temporarily to all your contacts to avoid suspicions.

Top image by kennysarmy